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Ultimate Express Courier and Logistics is the name the Toronto business community trusts and relies upon daily.

10 to 20 minute pick-up immediate delivery
90-120 minute delivery
2 TO 3 hour delivery
4 hour delivery
called in by 12:00 noon delivered by 5:00 p.m.
delivered by 5:00 p.m.

Our fleet includes Cars, Vans, Bicycles, Five Ton Trucks, Straight Trucks, Tractor Trailers.
Online Ordering & Tracking available at your finger tips.
Drivers equipped with telephone/two way pager combination allowing for real time tracking.
Detailed Invoicing with department code and reference area enabling separate accounting with sub totals for each department code.

Our tried and true drivers are skilled at handling your cargo with the care it needs. This crew carries everything from a small envelope to a truck load. Any of these vehicles can travel from coast to coast in order to insure your cargo is delivered to where you need it & when you need it - including late night and early morning deliveries.

We offer you the highest level of professional customer support, the latest in communications and information management technology and the assurance that you are doing business with a financially solid, well-managed, visionary enterprise dedicated to growing stronger, larger and better - to be the leader and the standard for excellence in our industry